Sarah is absolutely amazing. My 2-yr old son has been informally diagnosed with Apraxia of Speech. He struggles with social anxiety issues, and he has a very closed circle of people that he trusts. Somehow Sarah managed to enter his inner-circle right away. I have learned so much from watching her work with my son, and I am able to implement her approach at home. My family would be completely lost if it weren't for Sarah. She routinely sends him home with new exercises, and she follows up regularly to check in with us and give updates on his progress. She has helped us prepare for his transition to preschool, and has gone out of her way to offer insights regarding his social anxiety. Honestly, Sarah's services reach far beyond my expectations, and I cannot thank her enough for everything that she has done for my family.



The experience here has been amazing from the very first consultation session. My daughter has been seeing Sarah for weekly visits for almost two years and not only has her progress been amazing, but it’s the only therapy my daughter actually looks forward to. She and Sarah have a great relationship. Professionally, Sarah has been so helpful and insightful. She is truly an asset to our team of advocates, therapists, and friends who support our daughter. We are so lucky and grateful to have been referred to her!



I have two children that are currently in speech therapy with Sarah. My daughter has been seeing her for over a year and her progress has been truly remarkable. My son has just recently started seeing her as well. Both of my children thoroughly enjoy going to their speech sessions with Sarah. She is so creative in finding new ways to engage with them and bases her sessions around their individual interests and needs. She really has a special of way of teaching the kids while being fun, happy and sometimes silly. You can tell she truly loves what she does. Her compassion I see week after week makes me realize just how lucky we all are.

Sarah will share feedback and often videos of what they were working on during their sessions so we can continue to practice at home.

My daughter has a neurological speech disorder. Sarah has been an amazing resource and coach for me, going through the overwhelming process of an IEP,. She encourages and welcomes open communcation between other therapists, teachers and family. She is extremely responsive with email.
If I could give 10 Stars I would! I highly recommend Sarah Budney.



Cannot say enough about our experience with Sarah. We brought my 18 month old in for an evaluation after having some concerns about her articulation. Sarah was great from the beginning and immediately picked up on some key characteristics in my daughters speech that lead to her diagnosis. She was able to pick up on what many other medical professionals did not. She clearly has a "ear" for speech. Over the next few weeks as we went through the medical process of gaining a diagnosis Sarah was very supportive and reached out to us to help in any way she could. Sarah is both excellent at what she does and how she treats her clients. I can not recommend her enough.



Impossible to give Sarah anything less than 5 stars! She has been exceptional with our 4 year old who has seen her for speech therapy on a regular basis for the past year. Not only is she skilled as a therapist (our daughter has made steady progress on several issue areas), our daughter thoroughly enjoys her time with Sarah. She is also a great communicator with us, always answering our questions, reaching out to the school-based speech therapist our daughter also sees, providing advice as we work toward an IEP with the school district, etc. Also, I would note that Sarah's evaluation report for our daughter was highly detailed while also easily understood and that she provides an update every single time she sees our daughter. She is by far the best of the three speech therapists we have worked with. I have recommended her to other parents and hear rave reviews back from them. Thank you, Sarah!



Sarah was our primary speech therapist and worked with my 6 year old son on and off since he was 22 months old. She is fantastic and we think so highly of her. Our son had speech delay and problems with producing certain sounds and her therapy was both effective and fun. Our son looked forward to his visits with her because her instruction was play based and nurturing. They had a great rapport and laughed a lot together. She is very professional and knowledgeable and kept me well informed of his progress. She provided me with ideas and tools to practice his sounds at home. Our son's speech has come such a long way and we could not be more proud of what he has accomplished under her guidance and therapy.



Sarah Budney has been an amazing find for our family. Based on a friend's recommendation, we first began seeing Sarah 3 years ago when my older daughter needed a little help her speech. Sarah saw her for a couple of months and helped my daughter immeasurably. Shortly after, we began to see Sarah for our youngest child who has significant needs in the area of speech and language. Sarah makes these weekly sessions fun and interesting, and effective. My daughter loves to go 'play games' with Sarah and her progress has been amazing. She is now working at a deeper level with her language and areas that I never heard of but the benefits flow into our daily lifes in conversation, explaining a story/thoughts or indeed writing. She has been an amazing resource and find for our family and I'd highly recommend Sarah.



We have used Sarah with both of our kids, during preschool, when the teachers suggested they get extra help with pronunciation. They were both a bit behind on where they should have been with intelligibility. She gave them both assessment tests and came up with a plan. She worked closely with the school/teachers to reinforce the work that the children did in her class. She is patient, kind and makes the lessons fun. She has a child of her own, around the same age, so she gets little kids! She is flexible with appointment times and scheduling. We love Miss Sarah!



Sarah has helped two of our children overcome their speech problems. She gave us fun activities to work with them at home, which our whole family enjoyed. She always remained positive with her feedback at the end of each session, which helped us have a good understanding where their progress was and what needed to be worked on. Our children both enjoyed seeing Sarah, playing games with her, doing crafts and other activities that made each session fun. Thank you Sarah!