As part of a comprehensive evaluation, Sarah will use standardized assessment measures along side information from clinical observations and parent interviews to assess your child’s skills in areas of concern. See below for potential areas assessed.

  • Comprehensive Speech & Language Evaluation (2 hours)

  • Speech Evaluation (1 hour)


Each individual therapy session is 45 minutes and will target areas of need. Therapy is designed to be specific to your child and progresses in a systematic way to ensure that your child acquires new skills, generalizes these skills to a variety of activities, and so that therapy progresses to meet long-term goals. See below for potential areas of intervention.



Speech / Articulation

  • Phonological errors

  • Articulation errors

  • Motor-based speech disorders - including apraxia and dysarthria

  • Nasality errors (hyponasality and hypernasality) when not caused by structural abnormalities

Receptive language

  • Ability to follow directions

  • Comprehension of language concepts - relative size, quantity, location, temporal, serial concepts, etc.

  • Ability to answer age-appropriate wh- questions

  • Comprehension of syntactic elements

  • Ability to understand how objects, concepts, text passages are related by shared features

  • Comprehension of paragraphs and longer narratives

  • Inferencing and verbal reasoning skills



Expressive Language

  • Expressive vocabulary

  • Length of utterances

  • Ability to use language for a variety of communicative purposes

  • Use of age-appropriate grammar and morphology

  • Ability to describe how objects are related by shared features

  • Ability to formulate sentences

  • Ability to tell narratives with appropriate organization and detail


Social / Pragmatic Language

  • Understanding and use of nonverbal communication - eye contact, facial expression, gesture, body language, personal space

  • Conversational skills

  • Play skills

  • Perspective taking

  • Empathy

  • Problem solving

  • Coping skills